Pecan & Maple Spelt Bun Cake


I made these buns as an attempt to make a slightly more virtuous version of my cinnamon buns. Don’t get me wrong – I have no problem with allowing myself a treat, or 10, of an afternoon. But I thought I’d try a wholegrain, refined sugar free bun to see if it could hold it’s […]

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Easy Garlic and Chive Cashew Cheese


It would be fair to say I’ve become rather obsessed with making my own cashew cheese. In my kitchen it seems I have a never ending conveyor belt of cashews simultaneously soaking, blending and being packaged up into little bundles to drain. Somehow there never seems to be much cashew cheese in my fridge though […]

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Winter Waldorf Salad


Waldorf salad has always been a favourite of mine. I’m sometimes wary of fruit in savoury things but I love the combination of the crunchy cabbage and celery with the sweet apple and raisins. The toasted walnuts and creamy but tart dressing round off the range of flavours, which although varied and seemingly a bit random […]

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Date, Rose and Pistachio Buns


I’ve described these buns as the love-child of turkish delight and a chelsea bun and I think it’s a pretty fitting label. The rose flavour is infused into the milk that makes the dough which makes the buns amazing to smell and taste. I used chopped dates as the filling, which when baked, turn into […]

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Christmas Pudding Energy Balls


I’m a sucker for cute looking confectionary and when you add the Christmas element to the mix these little puddings are hitting all the baking bases for me in one! The idea for these was born out of buying the little holly and ivy decorations that you see adorning the tops, I thought how sweet […]

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Bloody Mary Beans


Now I love a Bloody Mary as much as the next (hungover) person. Rich, savoury and just the right side of spicy; it quenches your thirst, replenishes your sodium levels and gets you very slightly drunk again if you have 2 and are a total lightweight like me. But the one thing a Bloody Mary doesn’t […]

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Mulled Wine Spiced Buns


I have been working at perfecting my Christmas Bun recipe and with these beauties I think I finally have it. Baking them will make your whole house smell like Christmas, and then you get the joy of eating them too. If you’re not feeling festive yet then I urge you to get in the kitchen, put […]

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Peppermint Bark


I was first introduced to Peppermint Bark while visiting family in The States. For those unfamiliar with the American confection – it’s usually a layer of dark chocolate covered with a layer white chocolate, then topped with crushed candy canes. Sophisticated? Perhaps not. Tasty? Very. I thought I would make my own version as it’s […]

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Caramel and Peanut Chocolate Cups


This little creation is what I imagine the love child of a snickers and a peanut butter cup to taste like. Mini-muffin sized dark chocolate cups filled with salty peanuts and a gooey caramel – what’s not to love? Any they’re so dinky small that they can’t be bad for you, even if you do eat […]

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