Beefayre Watermint and Rosemary Candle

There’s not much to say about this candle apart from that it smells like absolute heaven. I wish I could climb inside the little glass container and live there as it just smells so darn good. Seeing as that’s not possible I will make do with burning it in my living room, taking  deep, appreciative sniffs every time I walk past.

As far as companies go Beefayre tick a lot of desirable boxes. Vegan, natural candles, with reusable, recyclable containers and packaging. A portion of their profits are donated to bee conservation and they are manufactured in the U.K. These are all things I can get behind. I haven’t tried any of their other scents yet but there is a wide range on their website along with a whole host of other products that I am trying to justify buying for myself as a Christmas present.



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