Original Source Shower Gel

One of the main misconceptions that I hear about going vegan is that it’s going to be expensive. I can see why this might be thought as there is certainly a market for fancy vegan health foods and mock meat/dairy products. But fruit, veg and pulses don’t have to cost much at all so it’s easy to veganise your meals on the cheap. However it seems more likely when it comes to beauty products. As they are often less widely available I was initially concerned about replacing my old products with vegan ones when buying new ones. With shower gel it was a breeze, enter that well known brand, Original Source.

All Original Source shower gels are vegan, and helpfully they have it very clearly labelled on the front. They are widely available, extremely reasonably priced (these were on offer; 2 for £3) and smell great. I find some shower gels can leave your skin feeling a bit dry and tight but these leave the skin feeling nicely moisturised. They have a wide variety of difference scents so there’s bound to be one that appeals. I like a bit of variety so change it up rather than sticking to the same. The only one I don’t go in for is the mint – it’s too much for me! But as for Original Source products in general – it’s a no-brainer.

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