Winter Waldorf Salad


Waldorf salad has always been a favourite of mine. I’m sometimes wary of fruit in savoury thingsĀ but I love the combination of the crunchy cabbage and celery with the sweet apple and raisins. The toasted walnuts and creamy but tart dressing round off the range of flavours, which although varied and seemingly a bit random […]

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Blueberry Pancake Stack


I love pancakes, love them. Although I generally tend to be pretty torn between my allegiances to both savoury and sweet I can never resist american style pancakes on a breakfast menu. Fat, fluffy, served with glugs and glugs of maple syrup and a side serving of fruit (to appease my healthy eating side) I […]

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Date, Rose and Pistachio Buns


I’ve described these buns as the love-child of turkish delight and a chelsea bun and I think it’s a pretty fitting label. The rose flavour is infused into the milk that makes the dough which makes the buns amazing to smell and taste. I used chopped dates as the filling, which when baked, turn into […]

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Mini Vegan Cottage Pies


The inspiration for these little cottage pies came from twitter, believe it or not. I’m not so great at the whole twitter thing. I mean, I’m not technologically incompetent – I understand how it works and everything. It’s just there are only so many hours in the day and between instagram, email, Facebook and other […]

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