wp-1479506909909.jpgThe word vegan seems to strike fear into the hearts of everyday people. It appears to be synonymous with bland restricted meals and a whole heap of judgement. To be honest that’s exactly what I used to think too.. until I tried it for myself. I created this blog to show just how good vegan food can be (spoiler – it’s not just kale and lentils!) Even with all animal products out of my kitchen I can still knock together creamy, rich sauces, delicious cakes and warm, comforting sunday night dinners. And as anyone who has eaten at my house will tell you – my food is far from dull, and judgement certainly isn’t on the menu.

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, downright carnivorous or just curious – I hope you like my blog and are inspired to try out some of my recipes for yourself!!

Why Vegan?

In October 2015 I decided to try being vegan. Although I’d had stints at being vegetarian when I was younger, at the time of this drastic decision I was deep in the throes of cheese and gourmet burger love. I have always loved animals, nature and the idea of being healthy, however my everyday lifestyle was not exactly reflecting these values.

A good friend had gone vegan and this prompted me to research animal farming for myself. After that I looked up the dairy industry..then the egg industry.. What can I say? It wasn’t looking good. At the end of this information binge I resolved to try and make a change and attempt to eliminate animal products from my diet. Everything I had read pointed to the detrimental effect that animal farming and our consumption of animal products is having on our planet, our health and on the animals (see resources for more info) but it took me a while to find my way with vegan living, and there’s still stuff I’m finding out. I created this website to share what I’ve taught and learnt myself along the way, mainly around how to cook delicious food from plants.

 My Philosophy

I think it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed by vast problems, like global warming and animal suffering, and unable to do anything on an individual level to help. At least that’s what I used to feel. But by changing something as simple as what we have for lunch we can help all of these things. How great is that?

I am a firm believer that doing something is far, far better than doing nothing just because you can’t do it perfectly. So you can’t live without cheese/bacon/Sunday roast – no worries! What could you live without? It could be something as little as planning a few animal free suppers during the week, choosing the veggie burger instead of the beef, swapping out your dairy milk for a non-dairy alternative, or checking that your bathroom and beauty products are vegan.

Just because you can’t be a 100% militant vegan overnight (and who can?) is certainly not a reason to not do anything at all. If everyone made a few little changes the total effect could be huge. The planet, your body and the animals will thank you for it.