Easy Vegan Mayo


Taking all the animal products out of my cooking has prompted me to make a lot of things that I’d never even attempted a non-vegan version of. Case in point: Mayonnaise. Before my plant based ways I would’ve had a bottle of pre-made mayo in my fridge for the occasional tuna sandwich and such but […]

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Cheese and Chive Stuffed Potato Skins


I love potatoes. And cheese. Put together they form the the dream combination of comforting carbs and creamy cheesy goodness. I spent my youth eating jacket potatoes with cheese, graduating to cheesy chips at uni and then on to other such wonderful discoveries such as tartiflette while in France. Giving up cheese was the single […]

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Vegan Mess


What else is there to do when you ruin yet another batch of vegan meringues? Why make Vegan Mess of course! This is my take on the classic summer pudding Eton Mess, whose recipe usually calls for egg whites and whipped cream.¬†As these two are a no-no in our animal-free kitchen I have come up […]

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