Pecan & Maple Spelt Bun Cake


I made these buns as an attempt to make a slightly more virtuous version of my cinnamon buns. Don’t get me wrong – I have no problem with allowing myself a treat, or 10, of an afternoon. But I thought I’d try a wholegrain, refined sugar free bun to see if it could hold it’s […]

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Date, Rose and Pistachio Buns


I’ve described these buns as the love-child of turkish delight and a chelsea bun and I think it’s a pretty fitting label. The rose flavour is infused into the milk that makes the dough which makes the buns amazing to smell and taste. I used chopped dates as the filling, which when baked, turn into […]

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Mulled Wine Spiced Buns


I have been working at perfecting my Christmas Bun recipe and with these beauties I think I finally have it. Baking them will make your whole¬†house smell like Christmas, and then you get the joy of eating them too. If you’re not feeling festive yet then I urge you to get in the kitchen, put […]

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