Winter Waldorf Salad


Waldorf salad has always been a favourite of mine. I’m sometimes wary of fruit in savoury things but I love the combination of the crunchy cabbage and celery with the sweet apple and raisins. The toasted walnuts and creamy but tart dressing round off the range of flavours, which although varied and seemingly a bit random […]

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Mini Vegan Cottage Pies


The inspiration for these little cottage pies came from twitter, believe it or not. I’m not so great at the whole twitter thing. I mean, I’m not technologically incompetent – I understand how it works and everything. It’s just there are only so many hours in the day and between instagram, email, Facebook and other […]

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Bloody Mary Beans


Now I love a Bloody Mary as much as the next (hungover) person. Rich, savoury and just the right side of spicy; it quenches your thirst, replenishes your sodium levels and gets you very slightly drunk again if you have 2 and are a total lightweight like me. But the one thing a Bloody Mary doesn’t […]

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Roasted Butternut, Sage and Chilli Soup with Toasted Savoury Seeds


As the days are now darker, and the year is coming to an end there are pumpkins everywhere. Not feeling quite ready to tackle a whole pumpkin I thought I’d ease myself in to the autumnal cooking season with the more pear-shaped sister of the pumpkin, the butternut squash. Sage and butternut are a time […]

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Cheese and Chive Stuffed Potato Skins


I love potatoes. And cheese. Put together they form the the dream combination of comforting carbs and creamy cheesy goodness. I spent my youth eating jacket potatoes with cheese, graduating to cheesy chips at uni and then on to other such wonderful discoveries such as tartiflette while in France. Giving up cheese was the single […]

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