Original Source Shower Gel


One of the main misconceptions that I hear about going vegan is that it’s going to be expensive. I can see why this might be thought as there is certainly a market for fancy vegan health foods and mock meat/dairy products. But fruit, veg and pulses don’t have to cost much at all so it’s easy to […]

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Beefayre Watermint and Rosemary Candle


There’s not much to say about this candle apart from that it smells like absolute heaven. I wish I could climb inside the little glass container and live there as it just smells so darn good. Seeing as that’s not possible I will make do with burning it in my living room, taking  deep, appreciative […]

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Maria Nila Dry Shampoo


As the kind of person who would choose sleep over cleanliness any morning, dry shampoo is a staple on my dressing table. I also have very straight hair that looks rather sad and flat left to its own devices and a few puffs of dry shampoo manages to make it look more a bit interesting. My go to […]

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