Original Source Shower Gel


One of the main misconceptions that I hear about going vegan is that it’s going to be expensive. I can see why this might be thought as there is certainly a market for fancy vegan health foods and mock meat/dairy products. But fruit, veg and pulses don’t have to cost much at all so it’s easy to […]

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Banana and Raspberry Nice-Cream


Well who wouldn’t want to eat ice-cream for breakfast? The difference is that this version gives you two portions of fruit rather than a sugar and dairy hangover. It’s an ice-cream to feel good about. Although given the option I would happily munch on marmite toast for breakfast, I like to try and get at […]

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Thick Chocolate Shake


A nice, cold thick chocolate shake always seems like a good option when I’m short on time and want something healthy. For those mornings when I’ve spent so long deciding what to wear that I’ve run out of time for breakfast but don’t want to leave the house on an empty stomach it’s a lifesaver. […]

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Aqua-what? AquaFABA!


Aquafaba is the name that’s been given to the water drained from a tin of chickpeas. Yes, that stuff that you usually pour down the drain is now an ingredient in it’s own right, complete with a slightly silly name all of its own. It is pretty amazing stuff though. You can use it in […]

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Simple Vegan Meringues


Ever so simple, ever so sweet. This recipe is super easy and produces lovely meringues without even the mention of an egg. Instead of egg whites the recipe uses aquafaba, which is the water drained from a tin of chickpeas. I know, it sounds insane, and not a little bit weird. Who wants a meringue with an after […]

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Beefayre Watermint and Rosemary Candle


There’s not much to say about this candle apart from that it smells like absolute heaven. I wish I could climb inside the little glass container and live there as it just smells so darn good. Seeing as that’s not possible I will make do with burning it in my living room, taking  deep, appreciative […]

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Cashew Cream


When you omit dairy from your kitchen it leaves a rather large gap in the creamy ingredient stakes. Cashew cream magically manages to fill this void for those of us who aren’t content to leave behind creamy, rich textures. I know it may seem strange but  cashews when soaked and blended can form the base of […]

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Fennel, Orange and Mint Salad


I’ve noticed that the recipes I make generally tend to fall into one of two categories: those that are naturally vegan and those that are a plant-based twist on a usually non-vegan dish. This recipe easily falls into the former. Juicy segments of orange, crunchy slices of fennel and a sharp and sweet citrus dressing with a […]

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Roasted Butternut, Sage and Chilli Soup with Toasted Savoury Seeds


As the days are now darker, and the year is coming to an end there are pumpkins everywhere. Not feeling quite ready to tackle a whole pumpkin I thought I’d ease myself in to the autumnal cooking season with the more pear-shaped sister of the pumpkin, the butternut squash. Sage and butternut are a time […]

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Things To Put On Toast… That Aren’t Avocado


There are few certainties in life but I think it’s safe to say that at present the internet does not need another picture of avocado on toast. Now I love avocado on toast as much as the next person (who also likes avocado on toast). And far from bemoaning it’s recent, almost indecent, popularity I am in fact […]

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